Shelter Projects 2015 - 2016 Working Group

Photo Competition: Call for Submission (EXTENDED deadline October 15th 2016)

Do you want your picture to appear on the cover of Shelter Projects? The Shelter Projects Working Group is launching a photography competition!

  • How can we capture the essence of a shelter project in a single picture?
  • How to represent the meaning of humanitarian shelter?
  • Can an image show what sheltering displaced populations means?

We challenge you to participate by submitting your picture(s) for the following categories:

  1. Shelter as a process;
  2. Building Back Safer;
  3. Protecting crisis affected populations;
  4. Settlements for displaced populations.

You can submit a maximum of three (3) pictures per category. To participate, use the submission form that you can download here, and send an email to enclosing the pictures and the form.

Please note that if the size of the files you wish to submit exceeds the limit for attachments, you can send a link to a Dropbox folder within the email, or send the files through WeTransfer or a similar tool.

The jury will be defined at the Global Shelter Cluster (GSC) meeting and will be composed mainly by international shelter experts from different agencies. A first selection on quality grounds and content will be done ahead of the meeting by the Shelter Projects Working Group.

Participation criteria:

  • The image has been taken by the contributor, or the photographer is appropriately credited;
  • The image has been taken in the context of a humanitarian emergency, within the past 10 years;
  • The image has not been published elsewhere, or if so explicit mention has to be made to where it has been published, and that there is no conflict in using it for this competition and its intended purposes;
  • Each submission (picture) is accompanied by a caption that explains its location, context, subject and date. Pictures with incomplete captions will be excluded;
  • Size, format and quality:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Image data files created with any digital devices including smartphones, digital still cameras (including medium and large-format cameras)                      - Images should be at least 3,000 pixels in length.                                                                                                                                                                                          - File format: JPEG / min. 240 dpi resolution, recommended. Each image should be saved in the .jpg/.jpeg format with a medium to high quality.
  • The participants agree to the Terms and Conditions attached to their submission. The Global Shelter Cluster will be able to use the pictures, when appropriately credited.
  • Where photographs are of clearly identifiable individuals, permission for use should be obtained, in the form of “informed consent”.
  • Logos and other branding/visibility materials should not be excessively represented in the pictures (e.g. agency logo is the main subject in the picture).


  • September: open call for submissions. Extended Deadline 15th of October.
  • First week of October: review at the GSC meeting.
  • October: longlisted pictures are uploaded online and open to the public.
  • November 2016 - onwards: winner is announced, and further dissemination of best pictures through social media and other channels.
  • April 2017: Pictures included in the 2015-2016 edition of Shelter Projects.