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September 2021
Left: Blanket distribution of core & winter NFIs, Hama, credit: GOPA., Rehabilitation of partially damaged apartments in Deir Ba'alba, Homs, credit: SIF




  • Dar’a Al Balad: with de-escalation of the conflict, and to support families to return, the shelter sector (national & sub-national) launched a rapid damage assessment to determine damage levels and associated resource requirements. Geographical coverage has been distributed among operational partners to undertake street level observation and categorize damage to residential buildings i.e. from minor to severe damage. Survey completion, analysis and release of findings will take place in October.

Noon-food Items

  • HNO 2021: 13.4 million people are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance with 2.6 million people in need of NFI support, an 8.5% increase from 2020.


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