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March 2021
Al Sowayda IDP hosting site in Marib received more than 558 displaced families who fled their previous sites due to the recent fighting bringing the total residents in the site to 1,713 families. © Shelter Cluster/Abdullah Mjladan.


  • Fighting between the warring parties raged in several conflict frontlines, displacing at least 3,442 families in Marib, 390 Hajjah, and 1,916 Taizz. In response to the new displacements, 1,900 families in Marib, 286 Hajjah, and 600 Taizz have been reached with Shelter/NFI assistance within #72hoursresponse.

  • COVID19 and economic deterioration compound existing humanitarian needs and particularly worsen the living conditions for the most vulnerable communities in Yemen.

  • During the first quarter of 2021, Shelter Cluster assisted 153,955 people.

  • A contingency plan is under development.

  • The Shelter Cluster is developing a catalog of forms.

  • The Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM) has been finalized.

  • Funding shortage remains a major challenge in the Shelter/NFI response.

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