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May 2021
IOM, 2021


  • By the end of May 2021, 267,886 individuals (55% female and 45% male) benefited from better access to safe shelter, energy and non-food items (NFIs) in 12 states and Capital District.  Cluster partners activities were focused on the community level benefiting 32 health centers and 22 community centers, and also impacted 22 temporary shelters (collective centers).  Activities to improve access to energy included the installation of 110 street solar lamps in public places and 15 systems to enhance access to electricity, improvement of shelter conditions comprised the installation of 86 refugee housing units, and distribution of basic NFIs for 43,223 individuals including people on the move, people affected by flooding and returnees from conflict situations.
  • The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (INAMEH by its Spanish acronym) estimated that rains will be above the average of past years and that rainy season will last until July. Rainfalls could generate floods in prioritized communities affecting individual shelters and basic NFIs.
  • An online training session on solar energy applications including solar water pumping was organised in late May for partner organizations. The session was attended by 52 participants, including organisations from WASH and Food Security Clusters. Efforts to strengthen partners capacities will continue, including issues that can be addressed with an intersectoral approach.
  • As of 31 May, authorities confirmed 15,879 active COVID-19 cases. Active cases tended to increase during the last weeks of May, which led to restricting movements in Zulia including hour limits and only activities in prioritized economic sectors during a flexible week.
  • During May, the Shelter, Energy and NFI Cluster´s national coordination team participated in a field mission with two partner organizations (a national and international NGO) during monitoring and Accountability to Affected Populations activities with a community benefited from NFI distributions in Caracas. The Cluster will organize similar missions with implementing partners to strengthen communication with partners, identify challenges and promote good practices among members.

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