Coordination Toolkit (2018 version)

3D: Assessments

Good data on the needs of the affected population and on coverage of services is the foundation for all Cluster work.  Good data allows resources to be efficiently allocated and more resources accessed.  Good assessments should be an immediate priority and should start in Phase 1 and continue throughout the life-cycle of the Cluster.  Prior to 2011, the CC team carried the burden of designing and organising assessments, however with the signing of the partnership with REACH, much of this heaving lifting is borne by the experts -  However, even when REACH are active in the country, the better the knowledge the CC team has on assessments the better the interface.

  • 3Di: IASC 2015 – MIRA – Multi Sectoral Initial Rapid Assessment. This guidance explains the purpose of joint data collection and outlines the key steps required, as well as associated roles and responsibilities. As it is an Initial Assessment - it is a precursor to a Cluster led needs assessments.
  • 3Dii: GSC 2012 – Assessment Guidelines. Written prior to MIRA the guidance offers advice on how to conduct assessments, as well as on the analysis and dissemination of assessment findings, the guidelines promote the use of relevant and timely information to facilitate cluster-wide planning, targeting and coordination.
  • 3Diii: GSC 2013 – Indicator Guidelines v2. The guidelines form a list of indicators for use by shelter cluster members following the phases of the Humanitarian Program Cycle (HPC) – see document 4Dii below. Specifically, they aim at facilitating the selection and use of key indicators by shelter cluster coordinators and members in line with the needs and objectives of each country-level deployment.
  • 3Div: IFRC – Emergency Assessment Form, NFIs and Shelter. A simple series of questions to aid field observation.
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