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Outreach and Capacity Building Working Group

The Outreach and Capacity Working Group aims at expanding the capacity of the GSC to support country-level shelter coordination and response.



Peer Review


Shelter Box, Habitat for Humanity International

Shelter Centre, ACTED, CRS, UAH, IOM



Neil Bauman - CRC/IFRC - email:
Miguel Urquia - UNHCR - email:
Nicky Richardson - Shelter Box - email:
Kip A. Scheidler - Habitat for Humanity International - email:
Tom Corsellis - Shelter Center - email:
Luca Pupulin - ACTED - email:
Seki Hirano - CRS - email:
Verónica Sánchez Carrera - UAH - email:
Joseph Ashmore - IOM - email:
Mohamed Hilmi - InterAction - email:


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Mapping of Organisations, Regional Fora & Events

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14-06 -13 Agenda OCWG [ 0.04M ] DOCX
140608 OC WG Work Plan [ 0.03M ] XLSX