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Bossaso is the capital city of Bari region in Puntland State of Somalia and the economic capital of Puntland. The Puntland State is an autonomous region situated in the North-Eastern area of Somalia. It has a main sea port and large business center, providing livelihoods for many people from various parts of Somalia, including IDPs.

Bari is characterized by recurrent drought, moderate security, irregular access to populations in need, and the use of local partners to deliver humanitarian assistance. These characteristics necessitate flexible and adjustable response strategies, while at the same time, place premium on monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian response.

Puntland State is used as a transit point for mixed migratory movements coming from Southern and Central Somalia and Ethiopia, who are en-route east to Yemen, as well as west from Somaliland, Ethiopia and Sudan to Libya and other Gulf States. Furthermore, there are approximately 207 non-Somali Mandate refugees and 3,446 asylum seekers registered with UNHCR and the Puntland authorities in this region.

Fire outbreaks and evictions/relocation of IDPs are the most prominent phenomenon that the humanitarian community has been grappling with, while responding to the needs of IDPs in Bossaso. Evictions are directly linked to issues of land ownership and title deeds; with land belonging to private individuals in Bossaso. Given the increasing need to expand Bossaso town, land has begun accruing more value recently.​​

Bari region maps can be found in the Online Maps Bossaso and Maps Bari pages.




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