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Dhobley is a town in the southwestern lower Juba region, Jubaland State, Somalia. It is a transit center for refugee returnees who are voluntarily returning to Somalia from Dadaab by road.

According to PRMN figures, some 2000 people have been newly displaced into Dhobley and Afmadhow.

Newly displaced people in Dhobley and Afmadow need immediate NFIs/emergency shelter intervention. The newly displaced population are vulnerable due to the lack of livelihood opportunities, access to basic necessities such as food, shelter and safe drinking water. Most of the partners have expressed lack of funds for Shelter and NFIs activities in the region.

It is estimated that there are about 70,000 protracted IDPs in Dhobley and Afmadow towns. These population segment is in need of durable solutions to their protacted displacement. THe local authorities have set aside land to permanently resettle the IDPs, and is calling on the humanitarian and development organizations to provide integrated assistance to support relocation.


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