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Hiraan borders Galgaduud to the North East, Middle Shabelle to the South, Lower Shabelle to the South west and Ethiopia to the North. It consists of five districts: Beletweyne (the regional capital), MatabanMahasBulo-burte and JalalaqsiMost of Hiraan region especially the urban centers are under the administration of Somali national government except Mataban town which is under the control of ASWJ.   

The word Hiraan in Somali language means ‘collecting the remaining crops in the farm’. The region supports livestock production, rain-fed and irrigated agriculture and fisheries. The total IDP population in the region is estimated at 51,000 IDPs (UNHCR total IDPs per region report, September 2014). The region has faced multiple hazards and calamities ranging from floods, low rainfall resulting in chronic food security and clan conflicts.


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