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Gedo Region, the second largest region in Somalia, lies on the Somalia borders with Ethiopia and Kenya, and shares borders with four Somali regions of Bay, Bakool and Middle Jubba and Lower Jubba. It has an estimated total population of 328,3781, with a 75/25 rural/urban divide.The region is home to about 77,000 IDPs. Gedo has six administrative districts: Garbaharey, Baardheere (the capital), Ceel Waaq in the south and Belet Xaawo, Doloow, and Luuq in the north. Two major rivers run through the region, the Dawa and the Juba.

The economy mostly depends on rearing livestock and farming, but also has strong inter-regional and international cross-border trade with Kenya and Ethiopia, to some extent.

The Somali National and AU forces offensive against Al Shabaab in the region, drought, and recurrent floods are the major causes of population displacements in this region. High insecurity in most parts of this region limit access to populations in need. However, local NGOs have more access to most areas in Gedo.

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