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It is a region located in the Southern part of the Puntland State of Somalia. The Internally Displaced Persons population in Jubaland is estimated to be 71,000 IDPs (UNHCR total IDPs per region report, September 2014). Gaalkacyo town is located in the Western side of the Mudug region. It lies on the border between Puntland and South-central Somalia and has been the gateway for displaced populations. Gaalkacyo is one of the oldest towns in Southern and Central Somalia. It is home to a large population of IDPs seeking refuge from regional conflicts as well as livelihood opportunities. Gaalkacyo is split up in a North and South section that are administered by the Puntland and the Galgaduud government respectively.

The IDPs live in 27 settlements scattered throughout the town and its environs, with the majority of the IDP settlements being in the North. Due to security constraints, there has been more shelter projects in North Gaalkacyo and therefore the two shelter cluster mapping exercises were done separately in May and August 2014. The infrastructure exercises in Gaalkacyo North and Gaalkacyo South were conducted in 37 settlements and 12 settlements respectively.

Many of the IDPs in Mudug are protracted IDPs who have been displaced for over 10 years. Clan affiliation dominates their vulnerability, as it is directly linked to their level of security and protection. IDPs can be distinguished between those with ancestral roots (i.e. clan affiliation) in Gaalkacyo, and those with no roots. Most of those without ancestral roots, or those from minority clans, have limited access to any source of livelihood and many depend heavily on humanitarian aid (e.g. Bulo Bacley, Bulo Kontrol and Bulo Bidar settlements). Mudug is characterized by recurrent drought, moderate security, irregular access to populations in need, and the use of local partners to deliver humanitarian assistance.

Majority of the IDPs in Mudug live in tents, hybrids and buuls located in unplanned, informal settlements. Since the beginning of 2011, Shelter Partners in coordination with the local authorities have been providing longer term solutions to protracted IDPs in the region. In Gaalkacyo for instance, four settlements have been created at the outskirts of the city. These are Halaboqad, Tawakal, Salama 1 and Salama 2. 

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