Promoting Safer Building Working Group

This page allows viewing of the draft Informing Choice for Safer Building: A Protocol for Developing Shelter and Settlement Information Education Communication (IEC) Resources.

If you would like to provide feedback, please contact, who can provide you with a consolidated Word version of the protocol for you to comment upon.

A two page summary of the document can be accessed here: 


Step Step Title Summary of Step Detailed Guidance Tools/Resource Links Examples
Step 0


Forming the Working Group



Step 1


Understanding the Context



Step 2


Define IEC Preliminary Objectives



Step 3

Identifying Stakeholders and Audiences



Step 4

Engagement Pathways Analysis




Step 5

Develop Detailed IEC for Audiences/Stakeholder Groups and Engagement Pathway




Step 6


Define "Roll out" Strategy and Confirm IEC Objectives



Step 7

Define Monitoring, Revision and Evaluation Framework