Solomon Islands

Toolkit: The Sphere Project

A toolkit with essential materials for shelter practitioners

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The Sphere Project: Core Standards Description: The Core Standards are essential process standards shared by all sectors. They provide a single... [ 0.27M ] PDF 2017 03 08
The Sphere Project: Minimum Standards in Shelter, Settlement and Non-Food Items Description: This chapter is divided into two main sections: Shelter and settlement Non-food items: clothing,... [ 0.40M ] PDF 2017 03 08
The Sphere Project: The Humanitarian Charter Description: The Humanitarian Charter provides the ethical and legal backdrop to the Protection Principles and... [ 0.17M ] PDF 2017 03 08
The Sphere Project: Protection Principles Description: Humanitarian action consists of two main pillars: protection and assistance. Much of this Handbook... [ 0.20M ] PDF 2017 03 08