Response Strategy and guidelines

The Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) plan is prepared for a protracted or sudden onset emergency that requires international humanitarian assistance. The plan articulates the shared vision of how to respond to the assessed and expressed needs of the affected population. The development of a strategic response plan is a key step in the humanitarian programme cycle and is carried out only when the needs have been understood and analyzed through the Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) or other joint needs assessment and analysis processes.

Currently, the Shelter Cluster’s main target population is 1.6 million of the 2.3 million persons in need if humanitarian shelter assistance. The SC strategy has three main objectives: Emergency, Stability and Sustainable Solutions. Capacity-building and a coordination component has been embedded within all of the pillars.

The current HRP (2019) humanitarian appeal seeks to provide integrated life-saving and resilience-strengthening assistance to people affected by the protracted crisis in Somalia. The Shelter Cluster Strategic Objectives focus on two main objectives:

  • Contribute to the protection of –displaced people, including those affected by natural hazards, through provision of NFIs and emergency shelter.
  • Improve the shelter conditions of the protractedly internally displaced people.

Reference needs to be made to the UNOCHA website for more information.


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