UKRAINE: Shelter/NFI Cluster Factsheet No 28 (August 2017)
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Shelter Cluster
  • Triangulation Analysis of Damages in GCA: In June, the Shelter Cluster requested REACH Initiatives to collect data along the contact line of local authorities about how many damages they had sustained and which per cent of people were still residing in damaged homes. The Shelter Cluster Team then analysed this information with the data provided by partners in the 5W and Damage Database. By calculating the average of these databases, the maps indicate which villages should be prioritized for follow up assessments and for primary shelter needs.
  • Large Gap for Covering Winterization Needs: As funding levels continue to decline in Ukraine, a higher than expected volume of damages to homes has resulted in a paradoxical increase of the humanitarian needs. As of the end of August, coverage of winterization assistance had only reached 17% of what it was last year in Luhansk GCA and 35% of what it was in Donetsk GCA. Currently, there are not yet any planned activities for the great amount of needs in NGCA. The Shelter Cluster estimates that there are between 15,000-20,000 households still in need of winterization assistance prior to the onset of the snow and the declining temperatures.