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Shelter Cluster Vanuatu


The Shelter Cluster Vanuatu (SCV) was set up in 2015 and is led by the Public Works Department (PWD), of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (MIPU). The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has been leading the Pacific Shelter Cluster since its activation in 2012, and providing support to the SCV Lead, as co-lead in preparedness and response since. During the Ambae Volcano response in 2018, IFRC support focussed on carrying out the core functions of the country-level cluster in support of operational partners, as well as capacity development of the national coordination team. From May to July 2019, IFRC deployed dedicated surge personel for preparedness, to support PWD in leading the Ambae Volcano response review process and SCV workplan update, and continues to support remotely from Suva, Fiji.



The Shelter Cluster Vanuatu (SCV) has enhanced its level of preparedness in 2019 through:

1. Analysis of PWD organisational structure with identification of key staff positions involved in SCV coordination at national and provincial levels. This led to the revision of 3 job descriptions for the Principal Architect (National SCV coordinator), Assistant Architect (National SCV Liaison coordinator), & Division Managers (Provincial SCV coordinators) and inclusion of SCV coordination functions therein. Revisions are yet to be formally endorsed by the Public Service Commission.

2. Update of the SCV Terms of References (ToRs).

3. Drafting of SCV Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for multi-hazard response. 

4. Drafting of Self-Induction Modules Package (SIMP), with a self-assesment tool and 7 modules for introduction to SCV (Cluster Approach at global and local levels / Defining the SCV scope / Coordination framework in Vanuatu / Overview of the 7 Core Functions / Key humanitarian Standards / About Shelter Cluster coordination / Gender & Protection deployment briefing). The SIMP will be piloted by PWD staff exposed to SCV coordination, IFRC shelter coordination staff who will potentially be deployed to Vanuatu for surge support to SCV, and key SCV partners.

5. Drafting of Environmental Checklist for Shelter Response. Checklist is complete, annexes are currently in progress. 

6. Develoment and printing of the "Selta Hanbuk", that will allow PWD staff involved in SCV coordination quick access to all key resources.

7. Update of key coordination tools such as the contact list, document index and technical guidelines.

8. Update of SCV workplan, informed by recommendations gathered from partners during TC Hola and Ambae Volcano 2018 response review. 

9. Development of SCV visibility items such as PWD coordination staff polos and SCV leaflets for events such as the Public Servants National Day.