Whole of Syria

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July 2021
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  • SNFI partners continue to provide life-saving assistance by responding to the needs of the most vulnerable.



Need analysis

  • Euphrates Situation: The water crisis in Northeast Syria has led to continuous movement to camps, collective shelters, and informal settlements. Leading to an increased vulnerability of IDP’s and host communities in the area and the number of individuals requiring shelter and NFI support.
  • COVID-19: Given the impact of COVID, there is a continuous need to improve hygiene among beneficiaries, especially in camps, informal settlements and collective shelters.




  • Achievements: By the end of Q2, NFI partners have been able to reach 65 per cent of their target with 1.90M people assisted and shelter partners have reached 23 per cent of their target with 0.61M people assisted, while taking into account COVID-19 precautionary measures
  • Under the SCHF and SHF Reserve Allocation, the SNFI sectors received and carefully reviewed project proposals from members. The priority areas of intervention for the SCHF allocation are the provision of NFIs, fuel and flood prevention, while for the SHF it’s prioritizing response in areas of high severity of need and minimal response.


Gaps / challenges

  • Summarization needs: The response remains limited this year to summer needs, specifically in NES due to the funding limitations.
  • Financial/economic: Funding limitations, fluctuating prices and the regional economic uncertainty continued to pose challenges to partners.