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The Global Shelter Cluster (GSC) has been working on its next 5-year strategy and we now have a draft strategy for your review and feedback.  The strategy aims to support shelter gaps identified in the evaluation of the 2013-17 strategy, and talks to the need for greater integrated response in collaboration with other sectors.

The document is comprehensive, designed to understand the detail of the GSC strategy and an Executive Summary version will be produced once this document has been reviewed.

We’re particularly keen to get feedback on whether you think the key issues are covered, if the right emphasis is given to these key issues and if you think there are any gaps.

The GSC would be grateful for comments and feedback either directly into the online version - either through direct changes to the text, or using the comment function.  If you prefer, you can use the post-it note function in the pdf version of the strategy and save and return the document, or just directly in an email to

As key partners of the GSC, your feedback on the strategy is important and valued.  We’d be grateful for feedback by 26 February at the latest.

For those interested in the detailed activities, you can review the online version of the workplan.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the chairs of the Working Group below if you have any questions of clarification whilst reviewing the document.

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