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The following resources are available:


Surge Capacity and Desk Support

The Global Focal Points for coordination provide surge capacity and desk support to country-level clusters. They are available for up to 1 month missions. The Roving Focal Points are available for up to 3 months. Assessment support is provided through the Global Focal Point for Assessment Monitoring and Evaluation Contact details of the Global Focal Points and the Roving Focal Points.


Tools and Templates for Cluster Coordination

The Coordination Toolkit provides tools and templates that have been used and tested. Some of them are translated in various languages.

Shelter Case Studies

This Shelter Projects publication and website provides case studies that can be searched by country, year, and theme.


Training material

More than just a Roof: Online training on shelter programing and shelter coordination

Building a better response: Online training on the Humanitarian Reform, the Humanitarian  Programme Cycle and other related issues.

Cash and Shelter: training material for Shelter and Cash-based programming



The Global Shelter Cluster Youtube channel gathers shelter videos from the Global Shelter Cluster partners.


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Technical Support and Design

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    Selecting NFIs for Shelter 2009

    This booklet offers guidance on how to select and combine Non-Food Items (NFIs)​, such as blankets, cook sets, plastic sheeting and timber, into packages.

    [ 2.24M ] pdf Shelter Cluster
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    Sphere Project Handbook 2011

    Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response

    [ 5.35M ] pdf Shelter Cluster
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    Plastic Sheeting 2007

    A guide to the specification and use of plastic sheeting in humanitarian relief.

    [ 0.67M ] pdf Shelter Cluster
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    Timber Guidelines

    Guidelines on use of timber in humanitarian construction.

    [ 2.04M ] pdf Shelter Cluster

Cross-Cutting Issues