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We have 78 Shelter & NFI Cluster Partners operating in the Country: 6 governmental bodies; 2 UN agencies; IOM; 4 bodies of the Red Cross Movement; 45 International NGOs; and 20 National NGOs: 70 are operating in KR-I (Kurdistan Region of Iraq); 22 are operating in Centre & South of Iraq and 14 are operating in both KR-I and Centre & South. 

In Iraq, 2.0 million people are still in need of Shelter and Non-Food Items. 1.1 million people are been targeted within this group for the 2016 Cluster Response Plan.

In 2016, the Shelter and Non-Food Items (NFI) Cluster will provide services to displaced people in Iraq to enable them to live in safety and dignity with access to communal services and support. It will deliver assistance to IDPs wherever they are, across all shelter types and phases of displacement. Tailored assistance will be provided to the most vulnerable households through three designated lines of response, using a concurrent approach, in order to improve living conditions and prevent their deterioration. Partners will transition away from in-kind support to cash-based interventions wherever possible. Coordination with the WASH and Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) clusters will be further strengthened to ensure that displaced people provided with shelter support are also able to access adequate WASH facilities. Provision of risk reduction and maintenance services will also be maximized.

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