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June 2020
UNHCR, June 2020


  • During the second quarter of 2020, the Shelter Cluster, through member organisations, reached a total of 110,088 beneficiaries. Activities implemented from April through June 2020 had a coverage of seven states and Distrito Capital, being Táchira the state with the biggest humanitarian response amid COVID-19 pandemic, with 71,318 beneficiaries reached, followed by Zulia (15,338), Apure (13,129), Falcón (6,458) and Bolívar (2,265).
  • Partners’ response was channelled towards supporting the Government-led Puntos de Atención Social Integral (PASI) with shelter support, energy and electrical renovations and NFI distributions.
  • Despite assistance has been distributed since the beginning of the pandemic, the conditions of some shelter arrangements continue to be affected by long-term power shortages and limited access to other basic services, including water, in particular those located at the border municipalities.
  • The heavy rains registered at the end of the second quarter of the year have worsened the power shortages, which are now longer in duration. Weather conditions, including rains together with the never-ending struggle against the rising level of rivers, have affected shelters located on the banks of rivers in several states, including Apure.

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