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August 2020
ACNUR Zulia, 2020


  • Through August 2020, a total of 17,896 individuals (56% female and 44% male) benefited from better access to safe shelter, energy or basic NFIs in seven states, including Zulia (10,539), Bolívar (3,276), Apure (1,993) and Amazonas (1,475). Most of the activities were focused on the COVID-19 pandemic response, whilst a small percentage of the response covered prioritised communities and individuals with specific needs. During August 2020 the Cluster continued supporting the national authorities through NFI distributions, shelter support and energy interventions in the Government-led Puntos de Atención Social Integral (PASI) in Zulia and Apure border municipalities to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.
  • The Shelter Cluster partners worked on supporting both hospitals and health centres to attend the COVID-19 emergency in Zulia and Apure states with NFI distributions and the installation of Refugee Housing Units (RHUs), which improved the triage system and also increased the capacity of quarantine spaces for Venezuelan spontaneous returnees.
  • The influx of spontaneous returns to Venezuela continued to increase through August and partners have strengthened the response at the border areas.

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