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November 2020
UNHCR, 2020


  • The cluster, through partner organisations, benefited 22,894 people (55% female and 45% male) in November who received assistance to improve their shelter conditions, access to energy/electricity, and/or received assistance through NFI distributions. Part of the assistance provided was channelled towards individuals and families affected by severe flooding.
  • Several municipalities in border states (including Zulia, Táchira and Apure) and other areas (including Carabobo) were affected by recent heavy rains which led to significant flooding and the affectation of residential areas. Hundreds of families were evacuated from their homes as a preventive measure. Landslides also affected transportation by road.
  • Colombia shut its borders back in March this year. According to Colombia’s border control agency, Colombia Migration, land and river crossings with Venezuela will continue to be closed from 1 December 2020 through 16 January 2021. This may lead to an increase in the number of informal border crossings. Irregular border crossings are frequently used with pendular movements and ensuring temporary shelter for vulnerable individuals is a priority.

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