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August 2021
Clúster Alojamiento Energía y Enseres, 2021


  • By the end of august 2021, the Shelter, Energy and NFI Cluster reached 325,285 beneficiaries through partner organisations. Activities covered 15 states and Capital District.  291 street solar lamps, 41 electric systems and 88 Refugee Housing Units have been installed to support institutions and communities, and 9,334 solar lamps, 1063 habitat kits, 1204 family kits and 123 individual kits have been delivered to support the most vulnerable population.
  • Heavy rains continue to affect many states, including Mérida, Zulia, Apure, Bolívar, Anzoátegui, La Guaira, Miranda, Trujillo, Aragua, Carabobo, Delta Amacuro, and Capital District, generating flooding and blocking access roads. Specifically, seven municipalities in Mérida were strongly affected by floods and landslides, causing the death of people, loss of homes and basic NFI, and interruption of basic services such as electricity and water. The Government decreed a State of Emergency for 90 days and created a special command to attends urgent needs. Humanitarian organizations have provided support with basic NFI and improvements to a temporary shelter.
  • The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) held a meeting at the end of August. The main action point was the establishment of a Technical Working Group (TWG) to review the standardized basic NFI kits in 2019-2020.
  • During August, United Nations Secretary-General appointed Gianluca Rampolla del Tindaro as the UN Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator in Venezuela, who took up his post on 23 August.

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