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Brief January 2016

The effects of El Nino which has caused extreme rainfall or severe drought over the past year across central and South America continues to impact the region causing damage and increased vulnerability to the housing stock and resulting in loss of life and livelihoods.

Current response situation:

  1. Extreme flooding in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay
  2. Humanitarian needs of migrant Cubans 
  3. Drought in Central America, Haiti and Colombia

Key issues in 2016

  • Humanitarian needs in response to the effects of El Nino. Loss of livelihood due to drought, agricultural plagues and unseasonal flooding does not only have major implications for food security but will also cause displacement which will impact urban and semi-urban areas. 
  • Loss of livelihood and displacement will exacerbate urban violence and impact existing settlements and basic service provision.
  • Migration and deportations: continued disruptions to the natural flow of migration, forced repatriation and deportations in the region are likely to result in significant humanitarian needs across the region.
  • Hurricane season during the latter half of the year is likely to impact an already vulnerable housing stock.

More detailed information available in Spanish and English.

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