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November 2021
Naik Mohammad Azamy/ Herat, 2017


In 2021 the ES-NFI Cluster will continue all its core activities – emergency shelter; non-food items; transitional shelter; and winterization support. The Cluster will prioritize the provision of timely and targeted life-saving assistance through the delivery of emergency shelter and household items to affected people. Standard NFI kits will continue to be distributed where needed. Affected families will also be provided with seasonal items (such as warm clothing, heating materials and blankets in winter) to reduce their exposure to the harsh winter conditions and mitigate against the risk of respiratory infections, hypothermia and preventable mortality among children and the elderly. The Cluster has included in its response plan a modest range of transitional shelter interventions following the emergency shelter assistance at the onset of emergencies simultaneously contributing to meeting the affected household’s immediate needs while further rebuilding their resilience from the outset. These activities will include shelter repair and upgrade, transitional shelter, rental subsidy.




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