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October 2021
Eng. Mohammed Kaigama/Sector Nigeria, 2021


The reporting month of October 2021 experienced a decrease in movement 7,787 Individuals (IND) as compared to September 12,336 IND resulting from increased security situation and improved poor living conditions in Northeast Nigeria. The sector recorded arrivals of 6,404 IND and Departures 1,383 IND of the population across BAY State in October 2021. The highest arrival was into Bama LGA with 3,292 IND and Gwoza LGA recorded the second-highest number of arrivals with 421 IND.

The onset of the harmattan has drawn more attention towards overcrowding in camps and camp-like settings that pose a potential threat of fire outbreaks in camps, in addition, it has increased the risks of disease outbreaks and the humanitarian community continues to advocate for the decongestion of IDP camps. Early preparation and plans for a better curbing of the fire outbreaks during this harmattan season is a priority to the sector and its partners as its challenges and dangers brought about by the fire outbreaks.

Over-crowding and congestion remain a serious concern, with the majority of camps currently hosting populations beyond initial planned capacity. There is a need for a more sustainable solution for IDPs and returnees, and community training on building techniques and livelihood opportunities to promote self-reliance and resilience, while ensuring the availability of land in their area of choice and advocating for House, Land, and Property (HLP) rights.

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