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December 2020
Shelter Cluster, September 2019


  • Shlter/NFI cluster identified 2.2M people as a PIN that consists of 1.5M IDPs, 1.02M Returnees and 197,367 Non-displaced people.
  • The cluster has targeted 2.0M people consisting of 1.3M IDPs, 635K Returnees, and 75K non-displaced people during MYR 2020.
  • From the overall cluster’s target, the cluster targeted 0.53M people for COVID-19 related responses.
  • As per the MYR, cluster’s overall funding requirement for the year 2020 is $101.1 Million (77.7M for Non-COVID-19 and 23.4M for COVID) to address SNFI cluster needs.
  • Shelter/NFI Cluster assisted 57% out of 2.0M IDPs and Returnees across Seven Regions.


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