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As of June 2021, the Cluster reached 899,481 People with ESNFI kits, NFI kits, ES kits, cash for rent, and construction of Communal Shelter by considering females, children, and people with different vulnerability. Of these, 51% of the beneficiaries are Female. The highest distribution is in the Tigray region, which covers 61% of the overall response, followed by SNNPR in (Alle, Konso, and Derashe Zones), which accounts for 11%, and Amhara Regions for beneficiaries displaced from Tigray & other Regions accounts 7%. Partners Operational Presence: The Cluster has an operational presence in 8 Regions and 18 zones, with 36 partners, 28 International NGOs, five national NGOs, 2 UN agencies and with Government and Regional authorities.



  • Cluster identified 4.5M as a cluster PIN that consists of 2.0M IDPs, 400,418 Returnees, and 1M Non-displaced people
  • The Cluster has targeted 3.9M consisting of 2.8M IDPs, 201,962K Returnees, and 908,755K non-displaced people during the HRP 2021
  • As per the HRP 2021, Cluster’s overall funding requirement for 2021 is $115 Million (to address SNFI cluster needs.
  • Shelter/NFI Cluster assisted 23% out of 3.9M IDPs and Returnees across eight Regions.


PIN: 4.5M (2.0M IDPs, 400,418 Returnees and 2.1M Non-Displaced)

Target: 3.9M (2.8M IDPs, 201,962 Returnees and 1.5M Non-Displaced)

Requirement: $115 M USD

Funded: $33 M USD

GAP: $82 M USD


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August 2021
Shelter Cluster, July 2021


Following the withdrawal of the Ethiopian Defense Force from the major towns of Tigray on June 28, 2021 and combined with the declaration of a unilateral ceasefire by the Federal government, the political dynamics  have changed dramatically in Tigray Region. The interruption of essential services such as the blackout of electricity, telecommunications, and the internet throughout the Tigray region intensifies the already extreme humanitarian situation. The Shortages of cash and fuel in the Region significantly hampered partners' capacity to respond with full potential. Majority of the community in rural areas which were under active fighting for the last eight months are accessible however the cluster have very limited stocks in the Tigray region.

At the start of the year, the Cluster targeted 2.8 million; however, following the influx of IDPs in March and April, the Cluster increases its target to 3.9 million people, out of which 71 % are from Tigray. In the last six months, Cluster partners are able to reach 883,256 IDPs, returnees, and affected communities in Afar, Amhara, Benishangul, Oromia, Somali, SNNP, and Tigray regions; with the available resource, the Cluster will reach 42% of its target.


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