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December 2020
A child living in IDP hosting site in Al Hudaydah was excited to give us a tour inside the new localized emergency shelter provided to his family. © UNHCR.


  • Shelter Cluster estimates that of the total 7.3 million people who require Shelter/NFI assistance, almost 2.7 million individuals are in acute need

  • Shelter living conditions directly affect not only the family’s safety and protection but also their health and hygiene.

  • Shelter Cluster assisted 870,396 IDPs, returnees, and vulnerable host community members during the fourth quarter of 2020.

  • The winterization support was provided to 219,577 people, including 73,881 people in the acute category experiencing low weather temperatures.

  • Heating, cooking, and fire security being an increasing concern.

  • Significant funding shortfall remains a major and outstanding challenge in the Shelter and NFI response. 

  • Provision of longer-term shelter solutions, including house repairs, remains limited.

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