Communication and Advocacy

One of the Global Shelter Cluster’s strategic priorities is to communicate as clearly and consistently as possible as to the role and activities of the Shelter Cluster, both at the global and at the local level.

This page contains the different documents and tools that are being developed as part of the process.

Shelter Cluster Posters

The below posters provide a graphic representation of how shelter can support various sectors. The posters can also be downloaded with Shelter Cluster and UNHCR logos or with Shelter Cluster and IFRC logos. If you would like these posters with your organisation's logo, please contact us at

   Protection               Resilience             Rebuild Lives              Home                 Livelihoods                 Health

Communications and Advocacy Strategy for the Shelter Cluster

The 'Communications and Advocacy Strategy for the Shelter Cluster', created in line with the Shelter Cluster's Strategy, will help the Global Shelter Cluster (GSC) use communications and advocacy more efficiently to support the GSC's overall strategic goal and aims.

Communications and Advocacy Strategy for the Shelter Cluster

Explaining what the Shelter Cluster is and what it does can be a challenge. However, a clear understanding of what the cluster can do to help coordinate humanitarian shelter, is essential so that all stakeholders can work together well. ​The Power Point presentation and the Word document below can help coordinators in the field explain the most important points more easily. Both documents are designed to be modified in the field, so feel free to adjust them to your needs.

About the Shelter Cluster v 2.3 (97-2003).doc

About the Shelter Cluster v 2.3.docx

The Cluster Approach 1.5 (97-2003).ppt

The Cluster Approach 1.5.pptx

Additionally, the Global Shelter Cluster Support Team is available to create brochures/flyers that are more visually appealing. Please also find the templates for Shelter Cluster Factsheet below.

GSC Factsheet template                   GSC Factsheet template (for clusters in preparedness mode)

GSC Factsheet Guidance                  - About the Shelter Cluster - 1 page document


- Two examples of infographics created for the operation in:


Myanmar (2013)                                                      Philippines (2014)                           


A consistent visual appeal is important for any brand or organization. Following these brand guidelines in all our publications, documents and presentations will help with brand recognition of the Global Shelter Cluster.

1. Shelter Cluster Brand Guidelines.pdf
2. Shelter Cluster Word Template (97 - 2003)
3. Shelter Cluster PowerPoint Template (2007 and later)
4. Shelter Cluster PowerPoint Template (97 - 2003)
5. How to Use the Shelter Cluster Word and PowerPoint Templates.pdf

The following document will give the user access to templates of Shelter Cluster business cards that are meant to be modified according to the user's specific needs- Shelter Cluster Business Cards Templates 1.0

Communication with Affected Communities

Experience shows that programmes are more successful and sustainable if affected communities are involved and informed about the projects at all stages. Shelter Cluster partners have used community-driven approaches for years and we have seen the increased impact in many different emergencies. Communications can play a very important role in supporting community-driven shelter programmes. The CDAC Network is maintaining a resource library that can help you get started, provide you with ideas and lessons learned. Since many members of the CDAC Network are also Shelter Cluster partners, you can be fairly certain to benefit from resources that are compatible with your own organization. You can find the library here: 

Information on the Shelter Cluster surge capacity:


Surge Capacity - Global Focal Points                 Surge Capacity - Regional Focal Points  


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