Shelter and Cash Working Group

WASH Shelter Cash Advocacy Paper - Final Version
Sunday, December 3, 2017
Shelter Cluster
The WASH and shelter clusters view cash transfer and markets based programming (CTP/MBP) as instrumental modalities for the delivery of humanitarian WASH and shelter support and services. The clusters and operational agencies representing both sectors are committed to scaling up the use of cash and market based modalities to assist crisis affected populations wherever possible. They are also seeking ways to build the necessary capacity and experience in CTP/MBP to meet key sector specific objectives.
To ensure alignment with commitments made as part of the WHS Grand Bargain1 the broader humanitarian community, donors and policy entities involved in promoting CTP must work with both sectors to help evolve their capacities. All sectors are not equal when it comes to CTP/MBP and the technical specificities of each sector may present constraints or opportunities towards a greatly scaled usage of CTP/MBP, and especially of unconditional cash and multi-purpose grants (MPG’s).