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 Promoting Safer Building is a project as a Global Shelter Activity aims to: 

  • Review of library of existing technical and IEC materials, guidelines and manuals; referenced by country, hazard, building typology, context, climate etc. (Note that work is already underway on compiling this library, so the Working Group will have limited input on this, but it is hoped that the Working Group will review it and it will be of use to the shelter cluster).
  • Develop a cluster protocol for appropriately rigorous and evidence-based identification, review and selection of key build-back-safer messages for endorsement by national clusters; to be integrated with national cluster technical working groups.
  • Produce a Global Shelter Cluster report highlighting key technical areas where there is uncertainty or lack of knowledge, or a lack of effective intervention, to help guide (the resourcing of) future research and development.
  • Disseminate findings through the workshops and events of the Promoting Safer Building project and future Global Shelter Cluster meeting(s).

This group is managed by CARE International UK shelter team. The partnership also includes the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), University College London (UCL) and British Geological Survey (BGS).

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