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Mogadishu is the capital city of Banadir region, it consists of 17 districts: Wadajir, Dharkenley, Daynile, Wardigley, H/Wadaag, Waberi, H/Jijab, H/Weyne, Bondere, Karaan, Yaqshid, Huriwaa, Kahda, Hodan, Shibis, Abdiaziz, Shangani.

Most IDPs live in settlements on private and public land. Therefore, many face a constant threat of eviction from either private landowners or the government. According to the ICRC Mogadishu IDP survey April-May 2012, an estimated one-third of all IDPs in Mogadishu, have lived in long-term protracted displacement relying on humanitarian assistance. The other two-thirds of Mogadishu’s IDP population represent approximately 14 % per cent of the estimated population of Mogadishu.

Estimates of IDPs in Mogadishu range between 200,000 and 370,000, with an average household size between 6 and 7.4 members. There are some 61,500 households (corresponding to 369,288 IDPs) living in IDP settlements spread out over the 16 districts of Mogadishu (2012 ICRC survey). More than 60% of the IDP settlements and 55% of the total IDP population of Mogadishu were concentrated in just three districts: Hodan, Dharkenley and Wadajir. Since 2013, there have been IDPs returning back due to spontaneous and organized returns.

The Shelter Cluster mapping infrastructure exercise in Mogadishu conducted in 432 settlements in May and June 2014, revealed that most of the IDPs have moved away from the center of the city towards Km7-Km13. Ongoing evictions in 2014/2015 have increased displacements along the Afgooye corridor, even towards Km 23. The Afgooye corridor has hosted large numbers of IDPs since 2007. The military offensive and clan clashes have resulted in new displacements to the area in 2014.

In early 2013, the Somali Government initiated a relocation plan. The humanitarian community worked closely with the authorities to ensure that the relocation was successfully conducted in a dignified way using a rights-based approach. Due to problems related to achieving security benchmarks and the tenuous security situation in Daynile, the relocation never took place, instead forced evictions increased again. Most of the evicted people settled in spontaneous IDP settlements between Km7 and Km13 along the Mogadishu - Afgooye corridor.

Banadir region maps can be found in the Online Maps Mogadishu and Maps Banadir pages. 

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