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December 2020
Rural Damascus / PUI, Homs / UN-HABITAT



  • 2021 HNO: The Multi Sectoral Needs Assessment indicated that the number of people in need of shelter increased from 5.65M in 2020 to 5.88M, out of which 2.91M are within Syria. This increase is attributed to more IDPs living in collective centers and makeshift shelters, a higher level of shelter damages 26% compared to 19% in 2020, emerging challenges related to the deteriorating economic conditions, as well as COVID-19.
  • Mapping of Collective Centers and Sites: 64 collective centers  with more than 6,000 HHs have been mapped. The sector will update the list and map quarterly.


  • 2020 Achievements: Shelter partners reached 94% of the beneficiaries targeted for support with emergency shelter assistance, repairs to damaged housing and upgrades to  community infrastructure; however many are still in need.
  • Guidelines: Shelter sector updated the technical guidelines for the rehabilitation of Collective Shelters as well as the Unit Price for sector modalities.


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