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July 2020



  • An estimated  18,000 people were directly affected with disruption of shelter activities due to the restrictions measures put in place to mitigate risks from COVID-19.
  • Would just say 122 collective shelters assessed to identify required works to reduce crowding and improve hygiene conditions.


  • COVID-19 Response: Shelter sector continues to map activities to understand the impact on shelter programming, accordingly updating the monthly SNFI COVID-19 impact report, and feed into the humanitarian impact of COVID-19 report.
    • The sector in cooperation updated the guidance of precautionary measures while conducting various shelter responses.
    • 21 collective shelters were rehabilitated, and 904 shelter kits were distributed to reduce overcrowding in IDPs accommodation areas. 
  • TWG:  with active participation of 24 shelter partners and several rounds of the discussions, the sector finalized updating the guidelines and unit price of “Rehabilitation of Damaged Houses” response.
  • SHF: USD4.5 M are allocated to SNFI sectors in the first standard SHF allocation. Shelter focus would be on underserved communities that have not been covered by previous allocations and funds.
  • Joint monitoring missions: the sector with MoLAE is jointly visiting ongoing and completed shelter projects in 6 Governorates. The goal is to measure the quality of shelter projects and impact on beneficiaries.


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