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Shelter Cluster Coordination Toolkit

This toolkit is designed based on the needs of country level shelter cluster coordinators. The structure of the toolkit follows the IASC cluster core functions to better support the coordination of the response. You can either explore each chapter of the toolkit by clicking on the links below or download all the core documents as zip files.

Chapter 1 Support to Service Delivery
- Coordination Management
- Information Management

Chapter 2 Informing strategic decision-making of the HC/HCT for the humanitarian response
- Assessment
- Cross Cutting

Chapter 3 Planning and strategy development
- Funding
- Strategic Planning
- Technical Coordination

Chapter 4 Advocacy
- Communication and Advocacy

Chapter 5 Monitoring and reporting the implementation of the cluster strategy and results
- Monitoring and Reporting

Chapter 6 Contingency planning, preparedness and capacity building
- Contingency Planning

​This Coordination Tool Kit needs your contribution to improve and better reflect the needs of shelter cluster coordination worldwide. Please click here to send any inquiries, useful documents or if you have any comments on the current structure.

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