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SYRIA: NFI Monthly, February 2017, Issue No.2
Sunday, April 2, 2017
Shelter Cluster

We are please to share with you the Second and slightly revamped NFI monthly for 2017. The modification seeks to incorporate the fact that for 2017 we have two objectives to report       towards, as opposed to only one last year. To address this we have had to redesign the template slightly. We have also added an annex on the Inter-agency Convoy. The information in the annex is not exhaustive, but will at least allow all of you to have the latest data readily available.As mentioned, the sector this year collectively targets to address the core and essential non-food item needs of 4.9 million people and ensure that at least 825,000 people will be protected through provision of seasonal and supplementary items. In February 2017, around 84,466 people were adequately served in receiving more than 4 core items and around 523,911 people were protected from cold winter for receiving winter kits and other supplementary items. A total of 51 sub-districts were served out of the total 272 sub-districts entire Syria.Thank you to all sector members who contributed to this report.Best regards,NFI Sector - Syria Hub